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The functionality of a vapor barrier in the crawl space or basement of a home is important for its structural strength and durability. A vapor barrier stops moisture intrusion, stops humidity from rotting the inner layers of the foundation of a home and also prevents mildew and mold formation. SOS Crawl Space Insulation Inc can help you in this regard.

Our vapor removal services are second to none in effectiveness. Don't continue with a old and faulty vapor barrier for too long. It may weaken the foundation of your home. You will be pleased to learn that military personnel and senior citizens can get a 5% DISCOUNT.
Vapor barrier

Our Services Include

  • Vapor barrier removal
  • Vapor barrier sanitation and cleaning
  • Vapor barrier replacement
  • Removal of debris
  • Addition of brand-new plastic
A 1-year WARRANTY is available on our services. Call us at 
425-345-5071 today.
We offer FREE estimates on all our services including vapor barrier replacement services. Get in touch with us to make use of our services.
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